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Administration Building
Civil Filing

Civil Filing Fees

These fees do not include Issuance Fees, Service Fees, or Other Fees.
See also Motions/Pleadings Fees.  Please make checks payable to Tarrant County District Clerk.

Fees Effective 09/01/2013

BILL OF DISCOVERY: Sometimes will need Citation & Show Cause $269.00
BILL OF REVIEW: Same court that entered the Judgment; sometimes will need Citation & Show Cause $269.00
GARNISHMENT AFTER JUDGMENT: Same Court, New Cause Number, No Bond required (Writ of Garnishment, General Precept, see Service Fee for additional costs) $269.00
GARNISHMENT BEFORE JUDGMENT: Same Court, New Cause Number, Bond required (Writ of Garnishment, General Precept, Bond Approval Fees) $269.00
INJUNCTION/TRO: May or may not need bond (Citation, Show Cause, Bond Approval Fees) $269.00
SEQUESTRATION OR ATTACHMENT: (Citation, General Precept, Writ of Sequestration & Bond Approval Fees) $269.00
SEVERED SUIT: Same Court, New Cause Number $269.00
Breakdown of Civil Fees
Clerk Fee *$50.00 Gov. Code 51.317 (b) 1
ADRS $12.00 Civ. Prac. & Rem. code 152.004a
Library Fee $35.00 Local Gov. Code 323.023
Consolidated Fee $50.00 Local Gov. Code 133.151 (a)
Appellate Fee $ 5.00 Gov. Code 22.2031
Records Fee $ 5.00 Gov. Code 51.317
District Clerk Records Management Fee $ 5.00 Gov. Code 51.317
Security Fee $ 5.00 Local Gov. Code 291.007
Court Reporter Fee $15.00 Gov. Code 51.601 (a)
Records Preservation Fee (Technology) $10.00 Gov. Code 51.708
Judicial Support Fee $42.00
Local Gov. Code 133.154
Indigent Fee $10.00
Local Gov. Code 133.152, AG Opinion GA-0491
District Court Records Archive Fee $5.00
Gov. Code 51.305 (b)
E-File State Fee $20.00  Gov. Code 51.851(b)
*Additional Clerk fee $25.00
for 11-25 Plaintiffs
for 26-100 Plaintiffs
for 101-500 Plaintiffs
for 501-1000 Plaintiffs
for more than 1000 Plaintiffs

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